10 Proven PPC Hacks for eCommerce success

10 Proven PPC Hacks for eCommerce success
Ricky Peters

Ricky Peters

Founder and Owner at Black Sheep Social

In order to overcome today’s challenging landscape, some of the best PPC practices like targeting the right audience, choosing the right keywords, campaign structure, segmenting, optimizing product feed are critical, and for businesses who just launched their new product, it gets even burdensome.

Whenever new platforms are evolved, companies tend to grow, there is a shift in customers’ behaviors but the strategies adopted by them are always the same.  While every client presents unique aspects of their business and different challenges, lots of challenges have crept in, over past years from Google, Apple, and Facebook in the name of automation, privacy, security, and pandemic

Let me share with you the 10 proven strategies that can be used to overcome the challenges we’re facing today and boost your PPC campaigns:

  1. 1. Know your audience and converse with them

In order to increase your profitability and generate revenue one need to pay heed to your customer’s needs by offering them handwritten notes along with attractive packaging features with coupons for future purchase. This helps in giving them a good sense of feeling towards your brand and product page.

One needs to understand those customers who follow your product is most likely to choose you over the competitors as people love interacting with brands they enjoy most.

Hence customers who follow you online are likely to be loyal to your business will pave the way to increase traffic for your web page. Therefore to keep your customers happy and engaged here are some of the ideas that can be helpful in reaping the fruitful result :

  • Engage them in open-ended questions where target audience will compelled to reply.
  • Give freebies and offers which will help in creating lasting impression on your brand name or product.
  • One can choose promo codes as discounts to encourage them divert traffic on your product page.
  • Give your customers referral card which they can pass on to their friends to provide them good sense of feeling
    towards your brand.
  • Highlights the key features like free shipping, cash on delivery, faster shipping facility and other such options to hold your audience.
  • If you are seeing other external channels to sell your product like Flipkart, Amazon or  Snapdeal one needs to take extra care in sending package, coupons, freebies , promo codes and any other offers which will enforce the customer to be back on your website page to make future purchase.

2. Keep your product page updated

In order to grab the attention of your audience, you need to come up with compelling content for every customer stopping at shoppers’ hub. Let people interact with your content and this will definitely boost create brand awareness and build up your reputation as a leader in business.

Keeping the product description unique focuses on high-quality content which is relevant to users. Hence to boost up your eCommerce  SEO avoid using the same descriptions as offered by other business partners or retailers. Phase-out duplicated descriptions and replace them with listing new product lists that can get added up to your lineup.

Make sure your product page should never looks outdated. Every time when audience visits your product page, they want your perfect sales pitch, so put some time into it because it works through weekends and holidays. Creating unique descriptions though may not be possible in the case of small business units and retailers but frequently updating the product page with unique features with add-ons helps in driving traffic for the product page.

Good product photograph and product video is a very important aspect because Content-rich product gives insight to crawlers why they need to stick to your product in the search engine instead of one of your competitors. This not only increases the chances of sales but also adds value.

3. Optimize your product page

The best way to increase the traffic of new customers and increase your visibility is to come up with a unique and informative eye-catching logo, cover page, content, and product title on your landing product pages. Spend a considerable amount of time optimizing your product pages by adding keywords in the title tag that people are searching for online to drive traffic for your eCommerce sites.

Write unique, good, and relevant descriptions of your products by finding the right keywords that are relevant to your product and add them to your description lists.

One can always look out for professional and reliable SEO  services if you are not comfortable taking care of them. Have a look at your cover page or product page to start with which should not distract the users from your main goal is sales every time they click on it.

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence is a keyword planner tool that you can access by downloading a plugin for Excel. With the amount of information it provides when used in the right way, you can discover new keywords that would otherwise slip through the cracks on your product page through Google Ads.

4. Stick to  Schematic Markup tools

Uses of Schematic Markup tools should be optimized for eCommerce SEO as a marketing tool. These snippets of code help in placing price tags and ratings directly in the Google search engine. When someone looks for a product on Google search, they can see your products with snippets tools with price tag without even visiting your website.

Though these snippets do not help in increasing the direct ranking of the product it seems to be having a pleasing effect on prospective customers which helps to beef up organic traffic on the web page through click-through rate. Good Schema markup tools can be used frequently to drive heavy traffic to the webpage.

5. Optimize your visual content

Social media is all about being social, therefore while speaking to these social media websites visual content and shopping ads go a long way in developing a lasting impression for your product.

Visual content in social media marketing is a great way to create brand visibility and keeps up in driving organic traffic when the same is paired with valuable text.

Therefore retailers need to make investments in developing video marketing campaigns so that they can create and share great videos that engage, inspire, and sell which is a must for driving effective sales.

Learn to perfect your video Ads, the key moment reports will show you the exact moments in your videos, when viewers engaged or dropped off. It doesn’t get any more specific than that so make use of it. This is sure to drive huge traffic to your webpage.

6. Reap advantage of automated email marketing

Anything which is within your niche, you can always lookout for something that can grab the attention of existing customers or frequent visitors on site. You can always make the best use of creating hype on any new product that is yet to be launched through automated email marketing grabbing the attention of existing customers.

Many eCommerce stores spend a hefty amount on grabbing the attention of a new audience to make the first purchase forgetting the importance of holding back existing customers for further purchases. With help of automated email, set up an automated campaign for festive seasons and holidays to build up product reviews and scale up your business.

7. Advance shopping cart

There are 3 different types of shopping carts that the eCommerce retailers can check if they are not part of it. Shopify, Woo-commerce, and Big Commerce are shopping carts that are really good for SEO, product design, and paid search. All these shopping carts have experts and a support team to monitor and guide in case any help is required. These shopping carts have everything which is required to scale up your business unit.

8. Optimize your product feed

Retailers can optimize their product feed listed on the google merchant center by providing detailed descriptions with accurate keyword targeting to optimize campaigns on google ads.

For this, it is really necessary to ensure that one has good information with regards to the product title, product description, keywords, Cover page, Product features, and various promo offers that you are showing up when audience or visitors are searching on Google shopping when you are actually running your Ads.

No one wants to be out of the game when visitors are looking for products in the search engines due to an inaccurate product feed.

9. Advertise PPC on Facebook and Instagram

Social media is one of the most efficient digital marketing tools that you can use to boost the visibility of your product page.  By setting up a robust social media strategy, one can increase brand recognition as you are involved with a large audience.

Social media platforms like  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln, Pinterest can be utilized by merchants to scale up an eCommerce business. These media platforms give retailers a myriad of sales options to develop the “shopper” tab on the business page and are the best platforms for paid traffic marketing.

Social sites are not the only destination for posting content and brands but are also useful in drawing heavy organic traffic by encouraging followers to turn into prospective customers.

In other words, we can say social media websites are a retail boon as it is the most vital and integral part of the eCommerce marketing ecosystem.

Marketing an eCommerce brand through social media is just like a goldmine that needs to be exploited,  as a huge number of people are associated with these social sites which have become an integral part of their daily lives.

10. Use dynamic ads

Campaigns that are being implemented for targeting audiences should be dynamic in nature as this is a new option when multiple campaigns are to be featured on the same websites with different heading and product features.

The dynamic ads have a tendency to automatically organize your website into groups that are customized to your products and services like “Electronics”, “mobile phones”, “Shoes”, and “computers”. Here one can choose or select the category or groups that are relevant to your website.

Every time visitors look around for a particular product they will look for it under these categories if ads of your brand will pop up. In this way, you all are retargeting the same audience dynamically which will help to drive more sales for your product.

Dynamic campaign strategy is helpful if you’re looking to:

  • Safely scale up your business campaigns
  • Increase brand awareness amongst audience
  • Discover new keywords to add value product page
  • Increase your impression share for a given area through local Ads.

Finally, we can say the increase in competition amongst different brands makes it essential that you should go for advance and latest strategies to make your business unit stand out from your competitors.

As mentioned some of these eCommerce PPC hacks will help to optimize your ad campaigns and increase revenue if they are implemented correctly.   

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