How to Boost Ecommerce Sales Effectively in 2022?

Ricky Peters

Ricky Peters

Founder and Owner at Black Sheep Social

As an eCommerce marketer, I had met many store owners, throughout the years and shockingly, most of the store owners have shared their struggle in generating online sales.

In reality, there is no hard & fast rule to get more sales on your eCommerce store. It is the type of store you operate, the audience you are targeting, and the way you operate your store which includes the offers you create, the experience your customers have, and so on.  

Reasons For Low Ecommerce Sales

Let’s get through the list and evaluate the reasons that hamper the sale of your products and services online.

1. Targeting Wrong People

One of the most important reasons as to why your store is unable to generate the desired sales is probably because of targeting the wrong market. You need to ascertain your target audience aka customer avatar before marketing your products.  

2. Lack of Trust in Your Website

If customers don’t trust your website, they will never buy from you. It is simply true. Evaluate the possible reason for distrust. To address the trust problem, you must consider:

  • Add an SSL certificate to your website. The certificate makes your site safe for transactions in the eyes of visitors.
  • Asking your customers to promote you positively on social media. They can give you a shout-out, or add a positive review of your store on review rating websites.
  • To ensure that you solve customer queries as soon as they post. It will reduce negative feedback against your online store
  • Your prices are just too high

Many a time store owners have the misconception that selling a product at a high price could trick their customers to buy the product. However, people buy from websites that offer products at a reasonable price. Selling a product, at a higher price will only result in losing sales.

The presence of multiple price comparison websites helps the customers to compare the prices of products available online. They do all the research before buying any product.

Always make sure that the price mentioned on your website is just right. Moreover, provide comparators or discounts whenever you can when a customer buys from your website. This will help you increase website sales.

3. Improper set up of Sales Funnel

Improper set up of sales funnel will also lead to low eCommerce sales as people coming to your website are not able to find the products they want.

This is how a user journey looks like:

  • People see advertisements or searches for a product they want
  • Visits the website which has relevant products
  • Searches the product within the website and checks its price
  • If they like the product they will place an order

4. Website Isn’t Properly Optimized or Responsive

Special attention to the user journey on the website should be given. Studies reveal that users are like to pay more if they have a better user experience on a webs store.

More than 50% of people over the internet are of opinion that they will never recommend a business with a below-par designed website on mobile, suggest a survey conducted by Sweor

5. You Don’t Own an Email List

Marketing experts around the globe agree that email marketing plays a significant role in increasing eCommerce sales. Shockingly, most eCommerce store owners don’t have an email list nor do they have a system in place to record their website’s visitors’ details.

As per Finances Online, email marketing generates the highest Return on investment (ROI). If you are looking to upsell your product, building an email list gives you access to an exclusive group of people who would be interested in your product.

6. Inadequate Customer Service

Reviews can be a deal maker or breaker in selling a product online.

Bad reviews imply that your customers are not satisfied with your services. Interact with unsatisfied customers and offer them an apology along for the bad service and then ask them how you can satisfy them/what grievances they had?

You can find your customer reviews on google, amazon, and websites like TrustPilot, HostAdvice, and many others. Simply search for “YOUR BRAND NAME” + Reviews on Google Search.

7. Products take too long to ship

High shipping time would also result in low eCommerce sales. People expect to get their product in a day or two. With Amazon, products can be delivered in a single day, due to which customers expect to get their product fast with every eCommerce store. Products should get shipped in less than a week if not imported from another country.

Mention all the shipping details clearly on the checkout page, and the product description page so that people know when they should expect to get their desired product.

Solving all the above-mentioned problems will increase your eCommerce sales significantly. 

10 Best Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales Fast

Once you get rid of all the problems which contribute towards a decline in online sales. It’s time to implement few strategies which would help you to boost your eCommerce sales quickly.

1. Make your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • What makes your store stand out from the rest of the online stores?
  • What is your product’s cost and can it be minimized?
  • How good/bad is the product quality like you are selling?
  • What type of customer service do you offer?

Now capitalize on these points.

At times, you don’t know what your USP is. In such a scenario, check the review and rating of your customers, what are they writing about you. And what are the key phrases they are using to describe your products and service? Use them in your marketing material as they are the WORDS of your CUSTOMERS.

2. Make your brand trustworthy

Here are some tactics you can use to build trust amongst the customers about your brand:

  • Provide better product quality. Your product should possess all the traits described in the product description. This will indicate that you are honest with your customers.
  • Engage your customer on social media. Go live on social media, conduct webinars, show your warehouse/office through videos, and initiate contests for your followers to win exciting offers and discounts on your products. All these activities help you engage your customers.
  • Share user-generated content on your website, social media pages, blogs to increase your brand credibility. These can be testimonials of your products or tweets of your users who had a wonderful experience shopping from your web store.
  • Request your users to rate your brand on review & rating websites.
  • Choose reliable hosting for your eCommerce store to optimize your website for quick load time.

It is always better to have appropriate knowledge about business governing laws of different countries before selling your product to them. Abiding compliance requirements will help you to boost eCommerce sales.

3. Determine Right Pricing of Your Products

Now that you have built some trust, you should expect some visitors to your store. Therefore, it’s time to set the right quotes so that these visitors can be converted into customers.

  • Get to know the price other eCommerce stores are charging for the same product. This could help you to leverage the cost as your unique selling point.
  • Get to know the price other eCommerce stores are charging for the same product. This could help you to leverage the cost as your unique selling point.
  • Consider lowering shipping prices or provide free shipping if people spend more than a particular amount on your store, let’s say $150.

4. Provide Amazing Customer Support Service

Exceptional customer support service attracts more buyers as people are more likely to buy from those e-commerce websites that resolve user complaints efficiently.

This is why it is of utmost importance to offer effective customer service to your customers. You have got some work to do:

  • Include Live Chat support in your eCommerce store.
  • Add chatbots and allow them to answer most of the questions people ask. This will decrease the number of chats you or your team has to answer. Allowing you to focus on getting the orders ready and shipped on time.
  • Send personalized email messages to your customers and reply to them immediately in case of complaints
  • If you can, use 24/7 phone support as it can increase the trust factor for your store.

5. Optimize & Split Test Website

You have around 15 secs to grab the attention of the visitors. You will lose if you can’t. This is a rule which is known as the 15-seconds rule. Another important rule of conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the 3-click rule which implies that a user should require a maximum of three clicks to reach the checkout page.

6. Decrease Shipping Times

What do people do when they don’t receive their orders on time? They have a few options and most likely they are going to do either of these. Cancel their orders, chargeback their credit cards, or post a negative review about the website.

In an online store, shipping times play a crucial role in your store and brand’s ratings. You must ensure that you dispatch orders in a quick time. You can minimize the late delivery by:

  • Providing free shipping. Your customers should have the option to choose the type of shipping they want. If they want faster shipping, they should pay more for it. Otherwise, they can always opt for the free shipping option.
  • Using third-party logistics (3PL) to handle the store’s logistics and delivery operations.

7. Promote Your Customer’s Testimonials

To build trust for your brand. It’s important to show credibility. Promoting customer testimonials on your website will reflect the [positive image of your brand. Moreover, it’s an amazing way to show off your company’s performance and make people aware of the quality of service that you offer.

8. Share your message with a unique copy

Sharing your unique message helps you to stand out in the market and increase online sales.

Companies like Adidas can set themselves apart because of their message. By writing engaging taglines and content, they create a brand identity that’s different from their competitors. Here are some tips for writing unique copy that will help increase online sales:

  • Use the right keywords that describe your product and brand’s USP.
  • Be consistent with your brand tone.
  • Try and test new messages. Don’t be too restrictive with content.

9. Multiple Payment Options

Providing customers with multiple payment options will help you to avoid sales loss due to the lack of customer’s preferable payment modes.

10. Take Top-Quality Product Images

Taking high-end product images is very crucial to boost eCommerce sales. To increase online sales, always use high-end eCommerce product images because that inspires confidence amongst users. It is also important because high-quality images present the product in the right manner and with proper light helping you to boost your eCommerce sales dramatically

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